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"Thailand and Chinese bosom friend are interlinked









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Thailand is stationed in China eye of Sa of be used to of · of Yo of ambassadorial A tower is illuminated nearly. Fu Yong exceeds photograph
On July 1, 1975, peaceful is signed in Beijing in build hand over to the collective or the state to declare, two countries relation lifted brand-new canto. 45 years, in peaceful side-by-side hand in hand, maintain health of two countries relation to stabilize development. When two countries establishs diplomatic relations 45 years, thailand is stationed in China eye of Sa of be used to of · of Yo of ambassadorial A tower accepts People's Daily special report, fine the great achievements of again and again that counted two countries collaboration, also conveyed right " the collaboration in peaceful another 50 years " expect eagerly.
The peaceful in doing a volunteer to participate in fights epidemic disease
Pneumonic epidemic situation is in new coronal after Chinese happening, collect pulls Thailand king grand result for a short while Xiang Zhongfang sends a letter to express sympathy and solicitude for, thailand all circles also is cheered for China in succession encourage. It is difficult that the A tower Yo that witnesses whole process of Chinese war pestilence in a gleam of saw Chinese people is in before tough, "Strong step of China controlled information about and appraisal of an epidemic effectively, provided valuable experience for each country " , also experienced the temperature of the friendship in peaceful. A tower Yo says: "Thailand society all circles is Chinese people transcribe a lot of video that cheer bosomy interest, donated a large number of goods and materials. Nowadays, chinese epidemic situation is prevented accuse a situation to last to order of life of good, production to accelerate restore, also doing same thing for Thailand. " this year in May, the diplomat that A tower Yo and Thailand are in Beijing people do a volunteer together, they baled the medical treatment goods and materials that China of 180 much box donates, the medicine that transports Thailand protects personnel.
It is besides beat back epidemic situation, a tower Yo still saw China is in other the huge success that each domains gain. "' one belt all the way ' the proposal realized interconnection each other to connect, chinese science and technology promoted the development of the domain such as content shedding and medical treatment. " A tower Yo expresses, "China is in eliminate poverty to went up to also gain a lot of success, already 800 million much Chinese realizes deficient, this was offerred for international society draw lessons from benignantly. " the still has China education that causes attention of A tower Yo, "Graduate of college of a lot of China gained a success in Thailand, they can master medium, flower, peaceful 3 languages, technical ability of each professional knowledge is very strong also, this report gives China to teach powerful competition ability of the system. This report gives China to teach powerful competition ability of the system..
Direct seeding is Thailand fruit " take money "
Although be first time the identity permanent Beijing with the ambassador, but the lot of A tower Yo and China writtens guarantee already below. A tower Yo expresses, he has come to China a lot of years ago, footmark spreads all over great river north and south. "China is a beautiful country, humanitarian with natural landscape alone attractive. " from Chengdu the horizon line that Jiang Yan reachs Shanghai, Guangzhou, from the Gu Miaolou of Beijing eaves reachs the steely industry of Inner Mongolia, a tower Yo saw China tradition and contemporary perfect blend. And the life daily life from Fujian person, it is to made him clear experience the bosom friend of two countries culture to be interlinked more. "Every year can a lot of Thai come to Fujian, the food of Fujian, culture, climate is very as similar as Thailand. The food of Fujian, culture, climate is very as similar as Thailand..
It is reported, the association of the two countries in peaceful is OK restrospect to more than 2000 years ago, be this the portion interacts for a long time, modelled the culture of two countries likeness, history and belief. Nowadays, "In peaceful one kisses " also had more times footnote. "Celebrated last year when People's Republic of China holds water 70 years, chairman Xi Jinping awards Shilintong the princess ' friendship decoration ' . " A tower Yo says, "Shi Lin connects a princess to come to China every time, can share the route on gregarious media. A lot of Thai can follow her step comes China to travel. " every year about tourist of 10 million China arrives visit Thailand, also tourist of nearly 1 million Thailand comes to China. A tower Yo still emphasizes particularly, the Chinese tourist that goes to Thailand travel comes from Chinese each district, have big city already, also have small villages and towns, what this enough proves two countries society interacts is deep.
Except travel, the dealings between Tai Zhongmin cannot leave cate this carrier. To a lot of Chinese, high grade fruit, delicate peaceful eat had made the calling card of Thailand. Hold before long afore " 6 · 18 shopping section " go up, thailand Vice Prime Minister holds Zhu Lin of business affairs minister concurrently to pass China way of popular network direct seeding is Thailand fruit " take money " , the sales volume in platform of Chinese cable business also greeted Thailand fruit to erupt accordingly type grows. A Yoda expresses: "The people in peaceful has the habit that gets information from the net, we are shaking the platform such as sound to introduce the product of Thailand to Chinese consumer in have the aid of. Electronic business affairs is great the visible rate that raised commodity, we also plan to popularize Thailand dining-room and Thailand cate through such means. We also plan to popularize Thailand dining-room and Thailand cate through such means..
Two countries collaboration still has more possibility
Be interlinked with substantial common feelings of people for the foundation, the more that A tower Yo saw two countries cooperates is likely. In recent years, collaboration of the economy in peaceful is deepened with each passing day, bilateral trading business volume goes tall continuously. Continueing to maintain Thailand while the biggest commerce is companionate, china still surmounted Japan to become Thailand first 2019 country of source of investment of the biggest foreign trader. Face great achievements of again and again, a tower Yo still appears some " dissatisfaction is sufficient " : "Be in east in allied country home, thailand still is not China's oldest commerce associate. Singapore, Indonesian the trade volume that waits for country and China wants than Thailand much, we hope to be able to continue to deepen the collaboration with China, the commerce in raising peaceful is in China - east the proportion in alliance commerce. " as to how to enlarge collaboration of trade of two countries classics, the A tower Yo of economics one's previous experience also gave out oneself conception: "There is a lot of to be able to deepen cooperative domain in peaceful, but two countries of be enslaved to be enslaved to is not neighbour, bilateral trade is much with airborne undertake with marine means. Future, can establish alone in peaceful bilateral from trade division, promote the flow of two countries commodity and sale further. Promote the flow of two countries commodity and sale further..
Two countries is in on region general affairs hand in hand and row, extended the border of the relation in peaceful further, also abounded the connotation of bilateral collaboration. Last year, thailand receives marvellous Singapore to take up the post of east country of alliance spell chairman, in peaceful square " make concerted efforts advances jointly, can develop continuously " of this one concept drive below, china and east the level of classics trade collaboration of alliance innovates repeatedly tall. In October 2019, china - east alliance upgrades from trade division " protocol " overall go into effect, released the system bonus from trade division further. "China of benefit from benefit from of the two national capital in peaceful - east the big frame that alliance cooperates, collaboration is comprehensive, have strategic sense. " ever was engaged in Thailand east the A tower Yo with alliance old routine sighs with emotion, "Nowadays, alliance already became China's oldest commerce associate east, this is attributed to China and east between alliance giant free-trade area. " and to " area is comprehensive agreement of economic associate concern " (RCEP) , a tower Yo also is full of expect: "RCEP covers 16 states, enclothe population to exceed 3.5 billion, will be the biggest on the world from trade division, for east the opportunity that alliance and China bring implementation to flourish to be connected with interconnection each other jointly. For east the opportunity that alliance and China bring implementation to flourish to be connected with interconnection each other jointly..
(Zhang Liuliu)
" the People's Daily is abroad edition " (on August 3, 2020 The 08th edition)

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