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Home swims to flourish steadily









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The tourist saves the county austral dragon in Jiangxi chrysanthemum of 10 thousand birthday " beautiful sea " admire the beauty of flowers. Liao Cuixia is photographed (people visual sense)
On July 14, national ocean museum restores a house, the tourist is visited in order. Zhou Wei is photographed (people visual sense)
After tourism experiences cold winter of half an year, received good news of heavy pound interest eventually. On July 14, culture and travel department are released " the announcement that concerns item about advancing travel company to enlarge estate of answer of go back to work " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) , the requirement is saved each (area, city) culture and travel service are doing good epidemic situation to prevent the premise that controls the job to fall, classics place is saved (area, city) after Party committee, government agrees, recoverable travel agent and battalion of already of online travel look forward to cross a province (area, city) group travel and " airline ticket + hotel " business. Area of medium, high risk must not begin group travel to reach " airline ticket + hotel " business. Travel scene area should continue to carry out fulfil " set limit to, make an appointment, wrong peak " requirement, recieve a tourist to measure not be up to sb to decide to exceed the biggest bear the weight of the 30% attune of the quantity come 50% . In fulfil each strictly to prevent the premise that accuses measure to fall, adopt make an appointment, the means such as current limliting, open place of infield of room of travel scene area.
Increase sharply of demand of go on a journey
Cross a province to swim opening is tourism those who anabiosis " strong heart needle " . The data that carry Cheng shows, the message is released that day, home swims with the group, the increase sharply before search of free travel instantaneous measures photograph comparing to open 500% . On July 15, the many province such as Shandong, Qinghai, Sichuan announce to open cross a province to swim, carry first product crossing a province on the online travel platform such as Cheng to be killed by the second. Go up line only 10 seconds, group of first the tourism that cross a province becomes a group with respect to be exhausted.
Feng Rao tells controller of research center of hornet's nest travel the reporter, cross a province to swim after opening, high quality drive oneself, camp etc outdoors swim demand is clear, landscape kind, prairie kind the tourist attraction is very welcome. South llano of island of muntjac island, Lu buy lake, medlar, Hu Lunbei Er relatively small numerous scene area equipment is welcome, search volume week rises compared to the same period 3 times the left and right sides.
"If from first half of the year the circumstance looks, predict the travel demand that has more than 1 billion person-time did not get releasing. Home swims the consumer of demand begins to start, leave the country bulkily previously You Qun system also gets lost home to swim. Cross a province to swim after opening, home swims will grow quickly. " Peng bright analysis says researcher of lab of big data of the travel that carry Cheng.
In black force Xu Xiaolei of presiding brand official thinks, cross a province to swim open to carrying brace up the confidence of tourist and practitioner is had " vane " positive effect, also be domestic tourism from local go back to work answer produce connect a resumptive important milestone to normal.
Where to go to network president Gou Zhipeng introduces to the reporter, the group swims the most complex, influence is the most extensive travel class in regarding travel as the product, involve the fluctuation such as travel agent to swim not only supplier, also wait for link to have immediate effect to area of airline ticket, train ticket, hotel, scene. What cross province group this to swim is progressively and open, the mark is worn home swims of the market restart in the round.
Rich product furnishs
"Suffering endured 45 months, see cross a province to swim open, I cried excitedly. " labour Mr Xing says the member that Shanghai people square carries inn of Cheng travel door, since get an announcement, machine, mobile phone, small letter had not stopped.
Current, had had many 1000 travel agent in the line on the platform that carry Cheng provincial, home swims product. First number crosses a province 1000 times to swim with the group, free travel product already went up line. As the issuance of each district policy, cross a province to swim the product will erupt type grows. Predict to did not come a few days, carry Cheng to will restore to go up the line swims more than 120 thousand times with the group, free travel, theme swims, custom-built swim wait for of all kinds product, guide of comprehensive and open place, hire a car to be booked with the business such as libertinism of car, entrance ticket, place.
Many travel company act for a short while, rich product furnishs, grab catch anabiosis first machine. Churchyard of force of the nation that be the same as Cheng swims CEO Zhou Zhongwei introduces to the reporter, cross a province to swim open overlay summer vacation time, the family swims, close child swim the most fervent. The demand that custom-built group swims increases ceaselessly, the destination such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, Hunan, Guangxi, Hainan will be become popular. Net of asinine mom travel will roll out a variety of themes to swim product, include to be driven oneself swim, close child swim, high-quality goods small group, sweethearts swims, old age swims wait for 10 thousand line that cover the throughout the country. Home swims the market needs get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. Numerous letter travel already rolled out " week travel notes " , " Sa Huan China " wait for home to swim thematic product, towards more the way of green health, light sightseeing, heavy recreational, slow pace develops, swim for home market infuse new vitality.
Shandong, Guizhou takes the lead in be being given out to countrywide tourist invite, be aimed at the characteristic of go on a journey of family of summer vacation time, roll out deepness of many one ground to swim, be away for the summer holidays swim, outdoors swim, grind learn to swim wait for circuit, offer for the tourist more set one's mind at, more comfortable, freer journey experience.
Open remember safety well
It is good to receive benefit, tourism group a jubilation, but must the bowstring of take up safety. " announcement " requirement, each district should insist to prevent epidemic situation accuse to be placed in the first place, do each work such as good travel safety as a whole. Travel agent should control group dimensions, had done journey government, will prevent accuse measure perforative tourist catchpenny, organization, recieve each link.
Travel since big industry, also be big the people's livelihood. Feng Rao thinks, domestic epidemic situation is prevented accuse the job to enter normalization phase, future still can appear possibly " W " form is fluctuant, this means travel practitioner to must create the product ability that tourist of sell one's own things sets this mind at to be able to develop continuously.
Brigade travels in relevant controller expresses, what travel agent swims to crossing a province is open should slow and steady, hold rational hope. Face should ensure epidemic prevention demand already, fulfil " set his mind at, set his mind at to swim, set one's mind at dining-room " requirement, want to satisfy the tourist's high quality journey requirement again, travel agent or will welcome more intense competition.
Future, "Make an appointment travel " the main way that will still be go on a journey. Countrywide scene area also will fulfil real name strictly to make make an appointment system, drive time-sharing to make an appointment visit, conduct go on a tour of tourist wrong summit, prevent to gather together. The travel new fashion that whole society wants to establish civilized, healthy, green. The tourist should abide by the epidemic situation in travel activity to defend requirement, safe caution and civilized travel set.
Attach most importance to in tourism group when opening exultation caper, song Rui of director of research center of travel of courtyard of Chinese company division is given out remind, the refreshment that crosses a province to swim should undertake below a series of conditions, for instance scene area recieves a quantity to cannot exceed the biggest bear the weight of of the quantity 50% wait for specific requirement to need to be abided by strictly. Each just should do good epidemic situation to prevent accuse and safety of groovy sex travel works, prevent paralytic, deal with, wait for psychology and practice by good luck. Condition of different area, different job needs a basis oneself circumstance, make safety of very wholesome epidemic prevention, tourist and relevant meet an urgent need beforehand case. In the meantime, the low that even vigilant likelihood appears is malign the phenomenon such as competition. In the final analysis, safety is the lifeline of travel, character is the essential point of travel. How to let a tourist swim safely, set one's mind at, need each joint efforts. (reporter Zhao Shan)
" the People's Daily is abroad edition " (on July 17, 2020 The 12nd edition)

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